5 Tips To Have a More Comfortable Air Travel

By on August 4, 2014

Travel is fun. It’s a good way of learning new culture, embracing the beauty of nature from a different perspective and a way to enjoy life to the fullest. But sometimes we feel too fatigue and so stress out especially if we do a lot of air travel. Perhaps this will help you bring comfort and spark up that feeling of excitement.

1. Wear comfortable clothing. Do something within your control. You cannot make those seats bigger or wider not unless you book a business class ticket. In the same way, you need to make yourself comfortable throughout your long journey. Maximize your comfort by wearing breathable & loose fitting clothing. It’s definitely a life saver on your long flights.
wear comfortable clothing while on the airplane
2. Neck Pillow, Anyone!? It really make a big difference on your flight experience. It’s almost weightless so you won’t much trouble with it. It helps you keep rested for the entire length of the flight and refresh upon arrival.
neck pillow in airplane
3. Walk Around / Stretch. Relieve discomfort by standing up, stretching or walking from time to time. Sometimes we feel joint pains or back ache while sitting for a long period of time so it’s good to re-energize your blood flow.

4. Keep Hydrated. Drink the right amount of water. Sometimes we are not thirsty probably because of the temperature inside the plane but we feel so weak. It’s really important to keep hydrated.

5. Pack Light. There’s no better way of having air travel comfort than having light luggage. It’s more of a hassle-free experience and you can easily move around in the airport. Make it a habit to pack just the right amount of clothing on your travel. Too often heavy luggage is the reason why we don’t enjoy any vacations because we have a lot to worry, “our luggage”. So travel light.
light luggage airport

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