Genesis Valley: Mountain Resort, Consolacion Cebu

By on April 19, 2016

Are you looking for a quite retreat away from the bustling & noisy metropolitan? The Genesis Valley Mountain Resort is one of the perfect place for you. It’s quite and close to nature. You’ll definitely love it.

We went there for a Pre Wedding Photoshoot for our May couple and it was absolutely a fascinating location to have a romantic engagement session.

The road to the mountain resort is quite narrow & difficult to navigate in curves. Mobile signal is poor so I guess it’s really for the people who wants to get disconnected to technologies and enjoy the sound of nature. We took the route via talamban and it’s around 20-30 minutes driving distance from the City Center. Depending on traffic build up in Banilad area.
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Near the entrance, there’s a big multi-purpose ground excellent for any types of event. When we arrived there, it was occupied by some group of youngsters probably doing their school activities or retreat. They still have their tents on the ground and busy doing team games. There were also sections where kids can play like swings, seesaw and other common workout equipment. The air is fresh as you are surrounded with many big trees. They’ve got different kind of birds in cage as you walk towards the hill following the path.

It’s practically for people who want experience peace and serenity. The Genesis Valley Mountain Resort in Consolacion is also perfect for any family bonding & quality time together. The swimming pool is definitely tempting to cool off this summer season and I think they’ve got numerous rooms available if you want to stay for a couple of nights.

Up the hill is a beautiful spot to have a wedding reception or any event gathering. The area is wide with numerous flowering plants as well as trees with edible fruits. We got tempted to pick a couple of tasty fruits but with watchful eyes because they have sign the says, No Fruit Picking, 50 Pesos Each when caught. Haha

Anyway it was truly a nice experience for us. It was our first time exploring the place. For newbies, you would definitely love to have your pictures taken by the entrance with the large lettering L O V E in red. They also have a few colorful “wind turbine”. I don’t know how they call it but it looks amazing.
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