How to Get to Kawasan Falls in Badian

By on October 13, 2015

The Kawasan Falls in Matutinao Badian is one of the premier trekking and adventure sites in south Cebu. It is a multiple tier water fall giving you an exhilarating experience for a taste of awesome adventure.

How To Get to Kawasan Falls
1. Take a taxi or jeepney to get to the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) along N. Bacalso Avenue. Ceres Lines and Librado Trans are the two popular Bus Co. The Ceres Buses are in the CSBT while the Librado Trans has its separate station just a few steps from the terminal beside the 7-eleven and the gas station. From the CSBT, you need to cross the street to get there.
kawasan falls
2. Tell the Driver / conductor to drop you off at the Matutinao Badian Church. The fair is @ P120 or between that range. A 105km will usually take 2-3 hours travel time. Along the way, you may want to buy the famous Chicharon in Car Car City, Bibingka in Mantalongon and Bread in Shamrock Barili.

3. From the Matutinao Church, keep your feet busy for a 30 minutes walk to the falls. Don’t worry it won’t get you tired because the sightings and the sound of water in river will keep you excited.

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