Places to Visit in Butuan

By on March 27, 2015

Butuan City is known for its colorful history and culture. The term Butuan is believed to originate from the sour fruit, “Batuan” while scholars believed that it derived from the word, “But-an” which literally means “Good People”. The city of Butuan is located at the Northeastern part of Agusan Valley.

Top Places to Visit and Fun Things to do in Butuan City

1. The Balangay Shrine Museum. It’s a great place to know more about Butuan’s history. There are staff inside the museum that will help and guide you to learn more about the display.
The Balangay Shrine Museum Butuan City 2

2. Delta Discovery Park. It is an exciting place to those people who seek for more thrill in their Butuan adventure. The Delta Discovery Park has a 1.3km Zipline to try and experience.
delta adventure park in butuan city
3. Banza Church Ruins. The place has a spectacular view of the river and sunset here is nice. Before it was destroyed in the 17th century by the Moro Pirates, it is considered as one of the most beautiful church in the region.
banza church ruins butuan city
4. Magellan’s Landing Site. It’s an interesting statue to see.
magellans landing site in butuan city
5. Agusan River
agusan river

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