Temple of Leah in Cebu

By on March 24, 2015

The Temple of Leah is a Greek Mythology inspired edifice located in the hills of Busay Cebu City. It is owned by Teodorico Adarna, owner of the famous Queensland in Cebu and grandfather of the actress Ellen Adarna. Teodorico build this colossal structure to express his undying love to his wife Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. Leah had a dream of having a rest house in Cebu but she passed away in 2010 of cancer at the age of 69.

Teodorico and Leah met when they were in School. Leah is a stunning woman having known as the “Crush ng Bayan”. Even though Leah has a lot of suitor at that time, Teodorico is the only one who captures her heart. They got married after graduating in school and have kids.


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The Temple of Leah offers a beautiful view of the Cebu City and its coastline. It has become the new popular tourist attraction in Cebu that many local and foreign tourists included it in their itinerary. Although it is currently under construction but it is open to the public and entrance is FREE.

The temple of leah sits in more than 5,000 square meter property. It is a 7-story structure with more than 20 rooms and over 60 huge columns. The temple of Leah is not just a tourist attraction in Cebu but is an important monument for love and dedication of the owner to his wife.

The temple has several statues. There are 2 gigantic lion statue at the entrance, elegant stairs and a statue of Leah.

You should visit this place one day and feel what its like to be in Rome.






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