Things to do in Boracay Island

By on February 20, 2013

Boracay Island is the premier vacation place, summer getaway, “Island in the Sun”, towering palm trees, powder-like white sand and a beautiful paradise only in the Philippines.

Boracay island is notably has the best and most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. This world famous island is located off the north-west corner of the Panay Island that belongs to the Western Visayas group of Islands in region 6. It is approximately 350 kilometers south of Manila.

Argonauta BoracayBoracay Beach is hailed as one of the world’s best beaches by the Yahoo Travel. Most of the foreign tourists who visit the Philippines always have Boracay Island in their itinerary. Some of the best activities to enjoy while in this beautiful island are: island trekking, hiking, beach hopping, scuba diving, golf, sailing, cliff jumping, windsurfing, fishing, kite boarding and many more.

If you are enjoying a nightlife in the big city, then you won’t miss it here. Boracay has several bars and discos where you can have a good drink, dancing on the sand with a few brilliant fireflies or a stroll in the beach.

How to Get there
You can travel to Boracay by Air. They have 2 service airports, the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport which is commonly known as “Caticlan Airport” and the one in Kalibo. There are over a dozen of flights going out to Boracay everday from different point of departure either in Cebu or Manila.

Lodgings, place to stay, accommodations and hotels in Boracay Island

Argonauta Boracay
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Fun things to do in Boracay Island: Tours, attractions & places to visit

White Beach
You will love the beach. The resort staff are polite and very attentive. It has the best of everything.

boracay island white beachAriel’s Point
It has the best view of the Boracay Island. This is a 20-minutes walking distance or for more fun rent a quad bike and drive there. Have a blast at the cliff diving or a kayaking beside the Ariel’s Point.

Yapak Beach (Puka Shell Beach)
This place is like “Heave on Earth”. This beach is more quite and a secluded beach located 10-minutes away tricycle ride from the popular white beach. “Your very own private beach”.

Balinghai BeachGet a beautiful and romantic sunset in this secluded beach of the Boracay Island. There’s a beach bar that also serve excellent foods. Take a sailboat to arrive there.

Diniwid Beach
It is a great place for a quite picnic. It has a cliffside path that connects to the White Beach. It is a nice and cosy beach giving you privacy and same quality as the white beach.

Willy’s Rock
This is the most recognizable attraction in the island of boracay. It is topped by a Virgin Mary statue on the shaped volcanic formation. A place you should never miss while in Boracay.

Mount Luho
Take a hundred meter climb to the summit of Mount Luho and be rewarded with panoramic and stunning views of the island. This is the highest point in Boracay.

Bulabog Beach
If you are looking for an extreme adventure such as surfing and kite boarding then this is the best place for you. This is definitely a paradise of all types of surfers.

Fairways and Bluewater
On this tropical paradise play golf in this 18-hole course. This is designed by the world renowned master golfer Graham Marsh. You’ll definitely have memorable rounds.

Crocodile Island
The name is came from the shape of the island. This is an excellent snorkeling area. You can see variety of marine animals and manage to spot Nemo. A must-do boracay activity.

Zipline Boracay
This is the first Zipline in Boracay island. Quite high price Php700.00 for only 25 seconds. This is a two-way zipline ride. Truly an adrenaline rush activity.

Boracay Butterfly GardenBoracay Butterfly Garden
This is nice activity to get break from the crowds. There are a lot of different type of butterfly and birds that your kids will truly enjoy. This is truly a great afternoon out.

Boracay Horse Back Riding Stables
Admissible riders of all ages. You can take horse back riding to the beach, jungle and around the golf course. Truly a great adventure for kids and families.

Bat Caves
Check out some caves and see bats around. Advisable to wear good shoes since it’s a bit slippery.Other places to visits includes the Dead Forest, Sinag Village, Ilig Iligan Beach, Manoc-Manoc Beach, New Washington Beach and the Bugtongbato Beach. This beaches are comparable to the main beaches in Boracay Island.

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This Boracay Island is also an adventure…

Dave’s Straw Hat Inn
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I love the beach and parasailing. I could stay in the beach all day long. The hotels are super 5 star. We stayed at shangri-la and it’s definitely a great place

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I love boracay because I can see may local artist and usually when in boracay they are so friendly for a photo opportunity. Yep I had a picture with Cristine Reyes. How Cool is that.