Things to do in Caramoan Islands

By on February 20, 2013

Caramoan is in the Camarines Sur of Bicol Region. It is situated at the heart of the Caramoan Peninsula. It has a stretches of fine white sand beaches, beautiful rock formation and mystical caves. The best things to do in Caramoan are island hoping and swimming. The best time to visit in Camaroan is February to May when the weather is excellent for outdoor adventures. Because of it’s remoteness, the island of Caramoan is unkown to commercial tourism thus this unexplored paradise gives you an extraordinary vacation experience. Some of the top tourist attractions in Caramoan Peninsula are the Caramoan National Park, the Centro and the Gota Beach.

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Tugawe Cove Resort
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Fun things to do in Caramoan Peninsula: Tours, attractions & places to visit

Matukad Island caramoan islandsMatukad Island
It is one of the best Island in Caramoan Peninsula having clean water, white sand beach excellent for swimming and just have a relaxing afternoon.

Our Lady of Peace Groto
Get to hike 530-steps of the Groto offering you an stunning view of the Camaroan Peninsula. This 26-foot edifice of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is at the top of the Caglago Mountain. Affordable entrance fee of only Php15. It is located in Malarad Island. This Lagoon is accessible by swimming underneath the rock on the beach side. The locals believe that this lagoon to be mystical.

Gota Beach
Television survivor series where shot here. It is the province hidden Paradise. It is 5-kilometers from the town proper and it is composed 2-caves called Little Gota and Big Gota.

Paniman Beach
It has a spectacular view of mountains and hills in a long stretch of beach. This beach is about 30-minutes from the town proper by Habal-Habal.

luhay island caramoanLuhay Island
It is the largest island in the northern part of the Peninsula in a dog-bone shape. Popular beaches in this island is the Nipa Beach and Bugtong Beach.

Sibatang Laya Island
It is a triangular shape island having a long stretch of beach up to 2-kilometers when combined. It is excellent place in Caramoan for snorkeling, rock climbing and repelling adventures.

Calupnit Cave
It is home to thousands of bats. It is where the name is derive from “Calupnit” meaning bats.
Other adventures and places to visit are the Pitogo Island where you can see a unique stone shoreline called the Lantangan Beach. Also visit theMinalahos BeachHunongan Beach and the CamSur Watersports Complex. Check the Things to do in Caramoan reviews HERE.

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River View Vacation Inn
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