Things to do in Malapascua Island

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Malapascua Island is located off the North tip of Cebu. This small island is about 2km by 0.5km so you can just walk around the island for 2hours. There are over 4,000 people living in Malapascua which live mainly on fishing, boat building, coconuts and tourism.
things to do in malapascua island
It is surrounded by blue clear waters, lush green palm trees and sandy beaches. It is a sleepy island that remains beautiful and unspoiled by tourism. Is diving one of your interests? Then you won’t go wrong visiting Malapscua. TheMalapascua Diving offers a wall dives, coral gardens, wreck and reefs, sharks and mantas diving adventures.

Lodgings, hotels and places to stay in Malapascua Island Cebu

Blue Corals Beach Resort
It is a excellent hotel in Malapascua giving you relaxing moment and enjoyable vacation getaways.
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Tepanee Beach Resort
Guestrooms have open balconies with views of the beach, sea or ocean. Featured at the resort are private beach and a health club.
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Fun things to do in Malapascua Island: Tours, attractions and places to visit in Malapascua Island

Evolution Diving
You can have access to some of a one-of-a-kind dive sites that includes at the Monad Shoal  to see a thresher sharks on their daily cleaning. “Great Diving and Service
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Malapascua Bars
There are several good bars in Malapascua to choose from. Most of the bar location are surrounded by Palm trees having the views of the sea.
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So what is the best time to Visit Malapascua Island

If you are more into diving adventures then it’s best to visit in September so you can see a lot of Mantas and Thresher Sharks as it’s their peak.
High season are during December to April very little chance of raining… excellent for beach lovers.

This Malapascua Island lodging is also an adventure…

Slam’s Garden Resort
It is one of the best in the area. It has a garden beach, massage, Spa and wellness center, bird watching and many water activities.
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