Top 10 Places to Visit in Baler Aurora

By on September 3, 2014

Baler is located at the Northeastern of Luzon, about 143 miles from Manila. Baler is the provincial capital of the province of Aurora. In March 2013, Yahoo! described Baler as one of the “Top Surfing Spots” in South East Asia. During the surfing season of September to February, waves can reach up to nine feet which attracts hundreds of surfers during the season.

10. Diguisit Falls. The path towards the falls may be a bit challenging since you will be climbing over some rocks. When you reach to the falls, you would definitely say that it’s all worth the effort. The water landfall is about 3 feet and has an awesome rock formations.
Diguisit Falls
9. Sabang Beach. If you are new and practicing at surfing, perhaps you should have your do it here. The waves are friendly for the beginners plus long beach with an excellent fine brown sand. The town of Sabang is small, there’s no malls or fastfood restaurants so don’t expect to see bars and loud music at the beach.
sabang beach
8. Museum de Baler. Get to know more Baler’s history. Some of the highlights at the museum are the costume used in the recent movie “Baler” (staring Ann Curtis & Jericho Rosales). There’s something to discover and learn from the history of Baler.
museum de baler
7. Quezon’s Rest House. Something to learn from our 2nd Philippine Republic Present Manuel L. Quezon.
Quezon's Rest House
6. Digisit Beach. Enjoy and Relax. There’s nothing more fun than taking quality time with family & friends at the beach.
Digisit Beach
5. Diguisit Rock Formations. It may be hard to walk on rocks during high tide but definitely and interesting sight in Baler to visit. Don’t miss this place.
Diguisit Rock Formations
4. Baler Church. It looks simple but it is rich in history. It’s kind of newly painted and so somewhat lost its ancient charm.
Baler Church
3. Charlie’s Point. If you are looking for serenity, peace and tranquility, you can find it here.
Charlie's Point
2. Dicasalarin Cove. It’s picturesque and has a breathtaking views. You shouldn’t live Baler, Aurora without visiting this place.
Dicasalarin Cove
1. Ditumabo Falls. To reach the falls you need to hike about one and a half kilometers. And to keep the area clean, plastic bottles & junk foods are and allowed. There is an entrance fee. By the entrance, you can buy some refreshments & buko juice. It’s a lovely waterfalls that you shouldn’t miss.
Ditumabo Falls
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