Top 5 Kid Games in the 90s

By on June 11, 2015

Kids in the 80s and 90s were so lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best kids street games. It’s something that today’s generation won’t ever experience. The gaming tech and gadgets influence the new kid to be lazy to go outside to play and make friends with the neighbors.

5.Patintero. Players are divided into 2 groups; the offensive and the defensive. Each player in the defense team will protect its territory by not allowing any member of the attack team. If one of the players in the attack team is tagged then the team should switch roles. In order to earn points, a member in the offensive team should passed through all of the obstacles.
4. Taguan. Taguan (Hide and Seek) is simple, easy and fun. It becomes more fun and challenging when played at night. The only rule is never get seen first.

Playing this game when I was a kid, my favorite hiding place is the big empty “Banga ng tubig”. And when I see someone is hiding there already, I get a cover and place it on top.
taguan hide and seek
3. Luksong Tinik. It is a game played by group. The first team will put their feet and hands together to have a good height where the other team will jump over without touching. There’s a progress in height so every time you succeeded the obstacle, it gets higher and higher.
luksong tinik
2. Trompo “Spin”. It’s fun to watch this little spinning object on the floor. It is made of bamboo wood with a sprouting nail on its tail. You’ve got to have a string and wrap it all around the spin top and launch by throwing. When it hits the ground it will spin wildly for over a minute or depending on how much velocity it gets.

1. Kite. “Sarangola” in Filipino. It is mostly played during summer when its windy and kids are on summer vacation. Unlike the kites bought in the malls, homemade kites are sturdy and can fly high and long distance. You can have over a kilometer string and even keep the kite in the air overnight.
Kite Flying Exhibition_002
So, what games in the 90s do you like most?
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